Contract Cleaning Services in Wakefield

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Our company prioritise attaining & retaining the highest standards of cleanliness throughout your workplace ensuring a fresh & clean facilities for both personnel & guests. Our aim is to ensure that all our clients enjoy a well-kept working environment. That permits you to work on your own core business & not have to think about the cleanliness of your premises.

Contract Cleaning Services Adapted For Every Client’s Requirements

Wakefield Cleaning Company offer a variety of contract cleaning services in Wakefield and across the West Yorkshire area. Our large range of contract cleaning services extends across numerous sectors including industrial, commercial, retail & workplace buildings within the public & private sector.

We understand that each customer’s cleaning needs are as unique as their service; that is why we offer extensive contract cleaning services that are custom-made according to each specific customer’s specific needs, regardless of whether you are a small business or a multi-site retail business..

Clean premises make a substantial difference to the basic health & well being of staff & a clean & enjoyable work environment likewise helps to increase spirits & reduce staff absence.

We offer excellent flexibility in terms of working hours & patterns we can work beyond usual business hours to reduce any disturbance to your hours of operation or our cleaners can work along with your staff without disrupting them. With our expert & quality service, cleaning will quickly become part of your daily regimen.

We actively look for feedback from our customers & have random checks to make sure that our staff are cleaning to the quality that we aim to continue to be known for.

Professional Contract Office And Commercial Cleaners

Our cleaners wear our uniform at all times so that they’re easily recognisable by you, your staff & any visitors. This likewise contributes to the expert image of your business. They are always punctual & professional and perform their tasks to the highest possible standard. They work to maintain the reputation of our clients. We proactively keep track of client satisfaction.

We are committed to the ongoing training & development of our team, ensuring that every one of our cleaning staff are trained to use the most up to date equipment & products & understand the most recent maintenance & cleaning procedures.

Training doesn’t just include how to utilise equipment, it also encompasses our cleaners working in line with health and safety guidelines as well as the storage and usage of chemicals under COSHH. If cleaning agents are utilised that contain chemicals, the storage & blending of these is paramount to the safety of everybody within the space.

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